Ricardo Avila

Entangled: A Painting Collaboration

19 September 2018

This is a little art project I worked on in collaboration with my girlfriend @yuejiaoxian during the stress-free days before the start of the semester. She wanted to draw a whale, while I was partial toward something with a little more tentacles, so we settled on combining both ideas.

Drawing with another person can be a very fun experience. We both had a hand in every part of the drawing - although she ended up drawing most of the jellyfish, while I focused on the whale.

The materials were mostly watercolor and pen, with a little bit of India ink thrown in for shadows, and salt grains for texture on the whale. We signed the piece “Raxy”, from of our initials… I know it’s cheesy… We’ll work on it.

This will be the second artwork that we have made together1, and it’s the first one that we get to keep! Hopefully we’ll get do some more.

Update: We later decided that we wanted to change the background for this piece. We made them float in space! You can see the finished work here.

  1. “La Curandera.” — Was the first drawing that my girlfriend and I made together. It was a gift for a friend’s mom.